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Connect The Dots Ultimate

Fun and Educational

Connect the Dots Ultimate is a fun and educational activity for your children. Watch their enjoyment as they reveal entertaining images when they join the dots while learning numbers and letters.

Accompanied with stimulating sounds and live voices to help your young ones associate what they see with what they hear, and with early learning visual prompting even the youngest child will be able to enjoy the magic of completing an activity.

Suitable for children up to age seven, from kindergarten and pre-school, for toddlers and nearly all ages Connect the Dots Ultimate will help your child recognise numbers and letters through the joining of dots to reveal the hidden characters and play the sounds.

You can use the English alphabet or numbers in the games with each letter and number pronounced using real voices. When each friendly character is displayed a description of the character will be spoken which is then followed by the character sound. Your child can replay the sound as many times as they like while the character is on the screen.

Connect the Dots Ultimate may assist in developing fine motor skills through the action of dragging or tapping on the dots, an optional timer can be enabled to allow your child to measure how quickly they can finish each game.

As a young person’s application Connect the Dots Ultimate is advertisement free to keep your child involved in the activities.

27 puzzles are available in this free download which can be upgraded through an in app purchase to the full set of over 100 puzzles across nine themes.

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